Hello Dolly


Hello Dolly

Helen Eleasari and David Waldmann again took charge of our 2007 production "Hello Dolly". Adinah and Keshet Margalit choreographed, Lisa Rubinovich was Stage manager and Myra Bennett, not only took on the title role but also, together with her husband Richard, produced the show, designed the set with Gili Cochavi, built it with their team of helpers and translated the show for the supertitles.
Another super show enjoyed by audiences around the country.

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Cast and Crew

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Myra  Bennett Myra Bennett Dolly Levi
Debbie  Lamdan Debbie Lamdan Ernestina
Shalev  Leeper Shalev Leeper Ambrose Kemper
Amiel  Schotz Amiel Schotz Horace Vandergelder
Leora  Landzbaum Leora Landzbaum Ermengarde
Leo  Stein Leo Stein Cornelius Hackl
Gal  Lifshitz Gal Lifshitz Barnaby Tucker
Maayan  Leeper-Carr Maayan Leeper-Carr Minnie Fay
Hanna  Taleisnik Hanna Taleisnik Irene Molloy
Golda  Simkins Golda Simkins Polka Contestant/Mrs.Rose
Dov  Landzbaum Dov Landzbaum Rudolph Reisenweber
Arnie  Gross Arnie Gross Waiter
Ori  Bennett Ori Bennett Waiter/Policeman
Richard  Bennett Richard Bennett Waiter
Ed  Spitz Ed Spitz Waiter/Judge
Leon  Gelkoff Leon Gelkoff Waiter
Bob  Gilmour Bob Gilmour Waiter
Yael  Elhadad Yael Elhadad Waitress
Kiri  Bennett Kiri Bennett Waitress
Sivan  Aharon Sivan Aharon Waitress
Gabriella  Wachspress Gabriella Wachspress Waitress
Amit  Grabli Amit Grabli Waitress
Albina  Saveliev Albina Saveliev Waitress
Alexandra  Beytenbrat Alexandra Beytenbrat Waitress
Annie  Molcho Annie Molcho Polka Contestant/Court Clerk
Irena  Shtayn Irena Shtayn Polka Contestant
Robert  Yulzari Robert Yulzari Polka Contestant/Paper Hanger
Paul  Hare Paul Hare Polka Contestant
Pinchas  Ziv Pinchas Ziv Polka Contestant/Cook
Iris  Landzbaum Iris Landzbaum Polka Contestant
Aaron  Leeper Aaron Leeper Polka Contestant/Cook
Myra  Suissa Myra Suissa Polka Contestant
Helen  Eleasari Helen Eleasari Director
David  Waldmann David Waldmann Musical Director
Adina  Margolis Adina Margolis Choreographer
Keshet  Margolis-Stein Keshet Margolis-Stein Choreographer
Kara  Aharon Kara Aharon Choir Master and Rehearsal Pianist
Gili  Cochavi Gili Cochavi Set Design
Richard  Bennett Richard Bennett Producer, Set Design and Construction, Translation
Myra  Bennett Myra Bennett Producer, Set Design and Construction, Poster & Program, Translation
Melanie  Lombard Melanie Lombard Costumes
Lisa  Rubinowitz Lisa Rubinowitz Stage Manager, Production manager, Set Construction
Frieda  Gilmour Frieda Gilmour Business manager, Backstage Crew, Front of House, Ticket Sales
Razelle  Weiss Razelle Weiss Assistant to the Director
Yardena  Alkan Yardena Alkan Backdrop Artist
Carolina  Schmidt Carolina Schmidt Backdrop Artist
Ori  Bennett Ori Bennett Set Construction and Painting, Translation
Kiri  Bennett Kiri Bennett Set Construction and Painting
Barbara  Bennett Barbara Bennett Set Construction and Painting
Ariella  Frid Ariella Frid Set Construction and Painting
Meital  Frid Meital Frid Set Construction and Painting
Iaara  Frid Iaara Frid Set Construction and Painting
Marvin  Laster Marvin Laster Set Construction and Painting
Amiel  Schotz Amiel Schotz Set Construction and Painting
Maayan  Leeper-Carr Maayan Leeper-Carr Set Construction and Painting
Iris  Landzbaum Iris Landzbaum Set Construction and Painting
Steve  Tucker Steve Tucker Set Construction and Painting, Backstage Crew
Lenny  Hirsch Lenny Hirsch Set Construction and Painting, Backstage Crew
Alexandra  Beytenbrat Alexandra Beytenbrat Set Construction and Painting
Golda  Simkins Golda Simkins Set Construction and Painting, Props
Judy  Frank Judy Frank Props, Backstage Crew
Myra  Suissa Myra Suissa Costume Assistant
Joan  Avigur Joan Avigur Backstage Crew, Props
Eric  Isaacson Eric Isaacson Backstage Crew
Hamutal  Yellin Hamutal Yellin Backstage Crew, Website Manager
Margo  Tepper-Schotz Margo Tepper-Schotz Program Design and Typesetting
Lisbeth  Kressel Lisbeth Kressel Ticket Sales
Albert  Jacob Albert Jacob Orchestra Steward
Bob  Gilmour Bob Gilmour Financial Advisor
Cyril  Simkins Cyril Simkins Translation Technician
Annie  Molcho Annie Molcho Make-up
Aaron  Leeper Aaron Leeper Membership and Newsletter Editor
Wolfgang  Haller Wolfgang Haller Photographer
Yamima  Osher Yamima Osher T-Shirts

Photos of Hello Dolly

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