Kiss Me Kate


Kiss Me Kate

Cole Porter's "Kiss Me Kate", provided our 2005 audiences with a show within a show, the action switching from Verona to Baltimore, from Shakespeare to theatre backstage.
Rosa Howden directed and choreographed, David Waldmann was Musical Director, Bob and Frieda Gilmour produced and Lisa Rubinovich was Stage Manager.
Melanie Lombard's colourful costumes provided a beautiful adornment to the elizabethan setting with Arnie Gross and Leon Gelkoff providing the comedy as the 2 gangsters stranded in the middle of the stage.

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Cast and Crew

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Ed  Spitz Ed Spitz Fred Graham/Petruchio
Eric  Isaacson Eric Isaacson Harry Trevor/Baptista Minola
Briony  Howden Briony Howden Lois Lane/Bianca Minola
Sarah  Fine-Meltzer Sarah Fine-Meltzer Lilli Vanessi/Kate Minola
Hamutal  Yellin Hamutal Yellin Charlie
Hanna  Taleisnik Hanna Taleisnik Milli/Fedora
Paul  Hare Paul Hare Humphrey
Alan  Cohen Alan Cohen Bill Calhoun/Lucentio
Yamima  Osher Yamima Osher Hatti
Arnie  Gross Arnie Gross Gangster
Leon  Gelkoff Leon Gelkoff Gangster
Guy  Rayev Guy Rayev Gremio
Gal  Lifshitz Gal Lifshitz Hortensio
Debbie  Lamdan Debbie Lamdan Servant
Alexandra  Beytenbrat Alexandra Beytenbrat Servant
Bob  Gilmour Bob Gilmour General Howell
Tal  Altar Tal Altar Chorus/Dancer (in various roles)
Jane  Davidson Jane Davidson Chorus/Dancer (in various roles)
Patti  Golan Patti Golan Chorus/Dancer (in various roles)
Gail  Greene Gail Greene Chorus/Dancer (in various roles)
Assi  Greenfeld Assi Greenfeld Chorus/Dancer (in various roles)
Sarah  Jaglitz Sarah Jaglitz Chorus/Dancer (in various roles)
Maayan  Leeper-Carr Maayan Leeper-Carr Chorus/Dancer (in various roles)
Yael  Lorant Yael Lorant Chorus/Dancer (in various roles)
Annie  Molcho Annie Molcho Chorus/Dancer (in various roles)
Liezl  Muallem Liezl Muallem Chorus/Dancer (in various roles)
Mike  Quastel Mike Quastel Chorus/Dancer (in various roles)
Dan  Sapir Dan Sapir Chorus/Dancer (in various roles)
Lilach  Shachar Lilach Shachar Chorus/Dancer (in various roles)
Dana  Shechtman Dana Shechtman Chorus/Dancer (in various roles)
Golda  Simkins Golda Simkins Chorus/Dancer (in various roles)
Myra  Suissa Myra Suissa Chorus/Dancer (in various roles)
Pinchas  Ziv Pinchas Ziv Chorus/Dancer (in various roles)
Rosa  Howden Rosa Howden Director and Choreographer
David  Waldmann David Waldmann Musical Director
Bob  Gilmour Bob Gilmour Co-Producer
Frieda  Gilmour Frieda Gilmour Co-Producer, Ticket ASdministration, Poster and Program Graphics
Lisa  Rubinowitz Lisa Rubinowitz Stage Manager, Scenery Construction
Yardena  Alkan Yardena Alkan Set Design
Steve  Tucker Steve Tucker Scenery Construction, Backstage Crew
Cyril  Simkins Cyril Simkins Scenery Construction, Backstage Crew, Translation Technician
Aaron  Leeper Aaron Leeper Backstage Crew
Joan  Avigur Joan Avigur Backstage Crew
Avital  Cohen Avital Cohen Backstage Crew, Photographer
Judy  Frank Judy Frank Props Mistress, Translation Processing
Melanie  Lombard Melanie Lombard Costumes
Jane  Davidson Jane Davidson Wardrobe
Myra  Suissa Myra Suissa Wardrobe
Hannah  Blachman Hannah Blachman Rehearsal Pianist and Vocal Coach
Hamutal  Yellin Hamutal Yellin Website Manager, Hebrew Translation
Albert  Jacob Albert Jacob Orchestra Steward
Tamar  Naggan Tamar Naggan Hebrew Translation
Tal  Altar Tal Altar Hebrew Translation
Annie  Molcho Annie Molcho Make-up
Maayan  Leeper-Carr Maayan Leeper-Carr Make-up
Gail  Greene Gail Greene Vocal Coach

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In order to perform 1985's "The Mikado" at the Nahmani Hall in old Tel Aviv, members of the cast had to pick up a VW Beetle and move it onto the sidewalk so that our bus could get to the theatre.

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