The Music Man


The Music Man

In 2001 we returned to Musical Comedy with Meredith Willson's popular "The Music Man". Rosa Howden, our Director/Choreographer, had everyone marching to the 76 trombones, ably conducted by Musical Director David Waldmann. Bob Gilmour produced, assisted by his wife Frieda and Paul Hare, and Aaron Leeper took over as Stage Manager.
For the second year children played a major part in the show, and we created 2 groups who alternated performances, so as not to put excessive strain on their school-work with too many late nights.
Many of the children who worked with us on "Carousel" and "The Music Man" caught the bug and have continued as teenagers and young adults enhancing our group with a new generation of thespians.

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Cast and Crew

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Paul  Hare Paul Hare Train Conductor
Jeffrey  Moskowitz Jeffrey Moskowitz Charlie Cowell
Bob  Gilmour Bob Gilmour Travelling Salesman
Leon  Gelkoff Leon Gelkoff Travelling Salesman
Sandy  Test Sandy Test Travelling Salesman
Stephen  Howden Stephen Howden Harold Hill
Dov  Landzbaum Dov Landzbaum Marcellus Washburn
Myra  Bennett Myra Bennett Marian Paroo
Jean  Moskowitz Jean Moskowitz Mrs. Paroo
Devorah  Elhadad Devorah Elhadad Amaryllis
Mor  Waldmann Mor Waldmann Amaryllis
Gal  Lifshitz Gal Lifshitz Winthrop Paroo
Gal  Yaacov Gal Yaacov Winthrop Paroo
Amiel  Schotz Amiel Schotz Mayor Shinn
Omri  Eilig Omri Eilig Tommy Djilas
Victoria  Howden Victoria Howden Zaneeta Shinn
Alan  Cohen Alan Cohen Member of School Board
Arnie  Gross Arnie Gross Member of School Board
Eric  Isaacson Eric Isaacson Member of School Board
Ed  Spitz Ed Spitz Member of School Board
Gail  Greene Gail Greene Eulalie Shinn
Jane  Davidson Jane Davidson Ladies' Committee Member
Debbie  Lamdan Debbie Lamdan Ladies' Committee Member
Arlene  Gilboa Arlene Gilboa Ladies' Committee Member
Ora  Aviv Ora Aviv Townsperson
Patti  Golan Patti Golan Townsperson
Olga  Maksin Olga Maksin Townsperson
Annie  Molcho Annie Molcho Townsperson
Yamima  Osher Yamima Osher Townsperson
Golda  Simkins Golda Simkins Townsperson
Myra  Suissa Myra Suissa Townsperson
Pinchas  Ziv Pinchas Ziv Townsperson
Ori  Bennett Ori Bennett Bandmember
Assi  Greenfeld Assi Greenfeld Bandmember
Olga  Kot Olga Kot Bandmember
Leora  Landzbaum Leora Landzbaum Bandmember
Shalev  Leeper Shalev Leeper Bandmember
Liezl  Muallem Liezl Muallem Bandmember
Lilach  Pinkas Lilach Pinkas Bandmember
Shiri  Rachman Shiri Rachman Bandmember
Keshet  Shoham Keshet Shoham Bandmember
Shani  Zilber Shani Zilber Bandmember
Rosa  Howden Rosa Howden Director and Choreographer
David  Waldmann David Waldmann Musical Director
Bob  Gilmour Bob Gilmour Producer
Paul  Hare Paul Hare Assistant Producer
Frieda  Gilmour Frieda Gilmour Assistant Producer
Aaron  Leeper Aaron Leeper Stage Manager
Kara  Aharon Kara Aharon Assistant to the Musical Director
Yardena  Alkan Yardena Alkan Set Design and Construction
Richard  Bennett Richard Bennett Set Construction
Judy  Swinger-Freed Judy Swinger-Freed Props
Delia  Kirshberg Delia Kirshberg Costume Production
Melanie  Lombard Melanie Lombard Costumes
Jane  Davidson Jane Davidson Wardrobe Mistress
Anne  Bloch Anne Bloch Ladies' Hats
Margo  Tepper-Schotz Margo Tepper-Schotz Poster, Program and Graphics
Lisbeth  Kressel Lisbeth Kressel Ticket Administration
Albert  Jacob Albert Jacob Orchestra Steward
Avital  Cohen Avital Cohen Translation Technician
Annie  Molcho Annie Molcho Make-up
Arlene  Gilboa Arlene Gilboa Make-up

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Nancy Naggan (Yum-Yum) played the sister of her own daughter - Tamar Naggan (Peep-Bo), in the first "The Mikado" production in 1985.

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