The Most Happy Fella


The Most Happy Fella

Meir Vardi, David Waldmann and Rosa Howden continued for the second year as Director, Musical Director and Choreographer respectively for "The Most Happy Fella", Frank Loesser's perhaps lesser known musical although famous for the songs "Standing on the Corner" and "Big D". Ed Spitz rose to the occasion with his accomplished Italian accent with the 3 Italian tenors/chefs tossing and catching the food to the delight of the audience.
On one memorable occasion, Estelle Kunoff, playing the postwoman, lost her voice with laryngitis but continued regardless, miming to an understudy singing in the wings, the audience happily ignorant of anything amiss.

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Cast and Crew

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Denis  Weintraub Denis Weintraub Cashier
Rosa  Howden Rosa Howden Rosabella
Arlene  Gilboa Arlene Gilboa Cleo
Osnat  Kashi Osnat Kashi Waitress
Faye  Kahn Faye Kahn Waitress/Cook
Jean  Moskowitz Jean Moskowitz Waitress
Yamima  Osher Yamima Osher Waitress
Estelle  Kunoff Estelle Kunoff Postperson
Ed  Spitz Ed Spitz Tony
June  Hare June Hare Marie
Gail  Greene Gail Greene Therese
Bob  Gilmour Bob Gilmour Max
Stephen  Howden Stephen Howden Herman
Jeffrey  Moskowitz Jeffrey Moskowitz Clem
Leon  Gelkoff Leon Gelkoff Al
Melvyn  Rach Melvyn Rach Joe
Dov  Landzbaum Dov Landzbaum Pasquale
Alan  Cohen Alan Cohen Guiseppe
Arnie  Gross Arnie Gross Ciccio
Harvey  Narrol Harvey Narrol The Doctor
Mike  Quastel Mike Quastel The Priest
Golda  Simkins Golda Simkins Cook
Annie  Molcho Annie Molcho Cook
Yael  Meltzer Yael Meltzer Country Girl
Phyllis  Narrol Phyllis Narrol Gladys
Moriah  Harel Moriah Harel Youngster
Aviad  Herman Aviad Herman Youngster
Edna  Lida Edna Lida Youngster
Tsvi  Osher Tsvi Osher Youngster
Hadass  Pickholz Hadass Pickholz Youngster
Ofra  Lida Ofra Lida Biddy
Klara  Lindell Klara Lindell Biddy
Perle  Selch Perle Selch Biddy
Myra  Suissa Myra Suissa Biddy
Anna  Abdelgani Anna Abdelgani Neighbour
Joan  Avigur Joan Avigur Neighbour
Nina  Munitz Nina Munitz Neighbour
Shira  Elyashiv Shira Elyashiv Neighbour
Yehuda  Harel Yehuda Harel Neighbour
Sergei  Georgievsky Sergei Georgievsky Neighbour
Ora  Aviv Ora Aviv Neighbour
Orli  Souhami Orli Souhami Neighbour
Judy  Swinger-Freed Judy Swinger-Freed Neighbour
Meir  Vardi Meir Vardi Director
David  Waldmann David Waldmann Musical Director
Rosa  Howden Rosa Howden Choreographer
Paul  Hare Paul Hare Producer
June  Hare June Hare Producer's Assistant
Wolfgang  Haller Wolfgang Haller Technical Producer and Set Construction
Perle  Selch Perle Selch Artistic Producer
Sima  Shakarzy Sima Shakarzy Backstage Assistant
Kineret  Laor Kineret Laor Assistant to the Director
Yardena  Alkan Yardena Alkan Set and Poster Design
Melvyn  Rach Melvyn Rach Set Construction
Richard  Bennett Richard Bennett Set Construction
Monty  Bennett Monty Bennett Set Construction
Barbara  Bennett Barbara Bennett Set Construction
Judy  Swinger-Freed Judy Swinger-Freed Costume Design
Rita  Pelish Rita Pelish Props Mistress
Elliot  Lindell Elliot Lindell Business Manager
Bob  Gilmour Bob Gilmour Operations Advisor
Annie  Molcho Annie Molcho Make-up
Frieda  Gilmour Frieda Gilmour Publicity and Program
Cyril  Simkins Cyril Simkins Translation Technician
Klara  Lindell Klara Lindell Wardrobe Mistress,
Wardrobe Mistress

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The largest cast was in "The Merry Widow", in 1993, with 67 performers.

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