The Merry Widow


The Merry Widow

Our second departure from G & S came in 1993 when we performed Franz Lehar's "The Merry Widow". Leonti Wolf put together a 30 piece orchestra composed in the main of immigrants from the U.S.S.R. and returning Director Tamara Vardin-Mutal took charge of the 47 strong cast to recreate turn-of-the-century Paris. To supplement our own efforts, Choreographer Laora Naggan was able to call upon the "Holit" dance troupe of local high school Makif Vav and Keshet Margalit portrayed the nymph Villia.
The star of the 3rd act, apart from the Grisettes' Can-Can, was undoubtedly a toupeed Bob Gilmour as the Maitre D' with his immortal line " I'll see what I can do".

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Cast and Crew

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Marcus  Myerowitz Marcus Myerowitz Baron Mirko Zeta
Irma  Bendersky Irma Bendersky Valencienne
Ed  Spitz Ed Spitz Count Danilo Danilovitch
Lana  Shalit Lana Shalit Anna Glawari
Adi  Adar Adi Adar Camille de Rosilloff
Yan  Wolfson Yan Wolfson Vicomte Cascada
Alan  Cohen Alan Cohen Vicomte Cascada
Arnie  Gross Arnie Gross Raul de St. Croissant
Amiel  Schotz Amiel Schotz Njegus
David  Sondack David Sondack Kromow
Helen  Benjamin Helen Benjamin Olga
Menahem  Friedman Menahem Friedman Bogdanowitz
Shosh  Hadar Shosh Hadar Silvane
Pinchas  Ziv Pinchas Ziv Pritschitsch
Gail  Greene Gail Greene Praskowia
Maxine  Ray Maxine Ray Madame
Keshet  Margolis-Stein Keshet Margolis-Stein Villia (as Keshet Margalit)
Estelle  Kunoff Estelle Kunoff Lolo
Jane  Waiman Jane Waiman Dodo
Leah  Pinhas Leah Pinhas Jou-Jou
Sasha  Magarshak Sasha Magarshak Clo-Clo
Tova  Rubin Tova Rubin Frou-Frou
Danit  Ladany Danit Ladany Margot
Joan  Avigur Joan Avigur Chorus
Julie  Cwikel Julie Cwikel Chorus
Leah  Goralsky Leah Goralsky Chorus
Fredi  Kaddar Fredi Kaddar Chorus
Ilanit  Lachman Ilanit Lachman Chorus
Annie  Molcho Annie Molcho Chorus
Phyllis  Narrol Phyllis Narrol Chorus
Margo  Tepper-Schotz Margo Tepper-Schotz Chorus
Yael  Eli Yael Eli Chorus
Imbar  Golt Imbar Golt Chorus
Mila  Neshtadt Mila Neshtadt Chorus
Yehudit  Nir Yehudit Nir Chorus
Golda  Simkins Golda Simkins Chorus
Riki  Shapira Riki Shapira Chorus
Paul  Boskovitz Paul Boskovitz Chorus
Leon  Gelkoff Leon Gelkoff Chorus
Bob  Gilmour Bob Gilmour Chorus
Mike  Quastel Mike Quastel Chorus
Ron  Sabar Ron Sabar Chorus
Yoav  Bashan Yoav Bashan Chorus
Dimitri  Cherussuiy Dimitri Cherussuiy Chorus
Sandy  Test Sandy Test Chorus
Robert  Yulzari Robert Yulzari Chorus
Tamara  Vardin-Mutal Tamara Vardin-Mutal Director
Leonti  Wolf Leonti Wolf Musical Director
Lynn  Friedman Lynn Friedman Producer
Menahem  Friedman Menahem Friedman Co-Producer
Laora  Naggan Laora Naggan Choreographer
Sheila  Spitz Sheila Spitz Technical Manager
Haim  Shalit Haim Shalit Show Manager
Lana  Shalit Lana Shalit Script Advisor
Jeanne  Ashkenazi Jeanne Ashkenazi Props, Hats, Poster and Program Graphics
Netta  Feldman Netta Feldman Props, Hats, etc.
Irina  Polakova Irina Polakova Pianist
Paulina  Goldriga Paulina Goldriga Costumes and Scenery
Fredi  Kaddar Fredi Kaddar Costumes
Miriam  Bejerano Miriam Bejerano Costumes
Richard  Bennett Richard Bennett Scenery Construction
Ori  Bennett Ori Bennett Scenery Construction and Painting
Myra  Bennett Myra Bennett Scenery Construction and Painting
Yardena  Alkan Yardena Alkan Scenery Painting
Shosh  Hadar Shosh Hadar Make-up
Annie  Molcho Annie Molcho Make-up
Frieda  Gilmour Frieda Gilmour Publicity and Tickets
Helen  Benjamin Helen Benjamin Programme
Harvey  Narrol Harvey Narrol Programme
Amiel  Schotz Amiel Schotz Programme

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Nancy Naggan (Yum-Yum) played the sister of her own daughter - Tamar Naggan (Peep-Bo), in the first "The Mikado" production in 1985.

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