The Pirates of Penzance


The Pirates of Penzance

Perhaps the best-known of all the Savoy Operas "The Pirates of Penzance" was our choice in 1988. Etty Resnik was our new Director, Eri Doron continued as Conductor, Ed Spitz was Producer and Miriam Bejerano combined her duties as Production Manager with her role as Stage Manager.
Our orchestra had grown to 19 members and for the first time we had double performances in Jerusalem and Beer Sheva!
Forgive me for singling out but who could forget new boy "Man of the Soil" Marcus Myerovitz's remarkable performance as the Sergeant of Police?
Another tremendous success for LOGON!

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Cast and Crew

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Arnie  Gross Arnie Gross Samuel
Harvey  Narrol Harvey Narrol The Pirate King
Adi  Adar Adi Adar Frederic
Jane  Davidson Jane Davidson Ruth
Gail  Greene Gail Greene Edith
Sarah  Pollack Sarah Pollack Edith
Naomi  Graetz Naomi Graetz Kate
Joan  Hendren Joan Hendren Kate
Lynn  Friedman Lynn Friedman Isabel
Ronit  Yalon Ronit Yalon Mabel
Ed  Spitz Ed Spitz Major-General Stanley
Marcus  Myerowitz Marcus Myerowitz Sergeant of Police
David  Sondack David Sondack Pirate/Policeman
Selwyn  Rose Selwyn Rose Pirate/Policeman
Marc  Wachspress Marc Wachspress Pirate/Policeman
Ted  Robbins Ted Robbins Pirate/Policeman
Sandy  Test Sandy Test Pirate/Policeman
Danny  Friedman Danny Friedman Pirate/Policeman
John  Goldsmith John Goldsmith Pirate/Policeman
Pinchas  Ziv Pinchas Ziv Pirate/Policeman
Alan  Cohen Alan Cohen Pirate/Policeman
Leon  Gelkoff Leon Gelkoff Pirate/Policeman
Reuven  Hayot Reuven Hayot Pirate/Policeman
Richard  Yuchetel Richard Yuchetel Pirate/Policeman
Shosh  Hadar Shosh Hadar Major-General's Daughter
Joan  Avigur Joan Avigur Major-General's Daughter
Phyllis  Narrol Phyllis Narrol Major-General's Daughter
Hazel  Yuchetel Hazel Yuchetel Major-General's Daughter
Hedva  Cohen Hedva Cohen Major-General's Daughter
Noa  Cohen Noa Cohen Major-General's Daughter
Golda  Simkins Golda Simkins Major-General's Daughter
Ilanit  Lachman Ilanit Lachman Major-General's Daughter
Deborah  Gabai Deborah Gabai Major-General's Daughter
Gabi  Merchuk Gabi Merchuk Major-General's Daughter
Annie  Molcho Annie Molcho Major-General's Daughter
Etty  Resnik Etty Resnik Director
Eri  Doron Eri Doron Conductor
Miriam  Bejerano Miriam Bejerano Producer and Stage Manager
Tamara  Vardin-Mutal Tamara Vardin-Mutal Lighting Design
Shulamit  Oren Shulamit Oren Artistic Design
Dorit  Bloch Dorit Bloch Costumes
Menahem  Friedman Menahem Friedman Tickets Administration
Ruth  Bowman Ruth Bowman Graphic Artist

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