Princess Ida


Princess Ida

The 1987 show "Princess Ida", G & S's look at Women's Lib through victorian eyes, was produced by Ed and Sheila Spitz with Miriam Bejerano taking over as Stage Manager. Tamara Vardin-Mutal directed and Eri Doron conducted the cast and orchestra.

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Cast and Crew

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Ed  Spitz Ed Spitz Florian
Harvey  Narrol Harvey Narrol King Hildebrand
Adi  Adar Adi Adar Cyril
Arnie  Gross Arnie Gross Hilarion
Archie  Bloch Archie Bloch Arac
Ted  Robbins Ted Robbins Guron
Pinchas  Ziv Pinchas Ziv Scynthius
Amiel  Schotz Amiel Schotz King Gama
Sharona  Tel-Oren Sharona Tel-Oren Lady Psyche
Llyn  Frost Llyn Frost Melissa
Naomi  Graetz Naomi Graetz Sacharissa
Jane  Davidson Jane Davidson Lady Blanche
June  Hare June Hare Lady Blanche
Perle  Selch Perle Selch Chloe
Gail  Greene Gail Greene Princess Ida
Phyllis  Narrol Phyllis Narrol Ada
Sandy  Test Sandy Test Chorus
Leon  Gelkoff Leon Gelkoff Chorus
Golda  Simkins Golda Simkins Chorus
Maria  Troscianiecki Maria Troscianiecki Chorus
Estelle  Kunoff Estelle Kunoff Chorus
Shosh  Peretz Shosh Peretz Chorus
Helen  Benjamin Helen Benjamin Chorus
Noa  Cohen Noa Cohen Chorus
Ilanit  Lachman Ilanit Lachman Chorus
Mike  Quastel Mike Quastel Chorus
Selwyn  Rose Selwyn Rose Chorus
Tal  Sober Tal Sober Chorus
Judy  Swinger-Freed Judy Swinger-Freed Chorus
Hedva  Cohen Hedva Cohen Chorus
Oscar  Grinberg Oscar Grinberg Chorus
John  Goldsmith John Goldsmith Chorus
Anne  Bloch Anne Bloch Chorus
Leah  Goralsky Leah Goralsky Chorus
Shmuel  Greene Shmuel Greene Chorus
Tamara  Vardin-Mutal Tamara Vardin-Mutal Director
Eri  Doron Eri Doron Conductor
Esther  Abramson Esther Abramson Pianist
Sheila  Spitz Sheila Spitz Producer
Miriam  Bejerano Miriam Bejerano Stage Manager
Eti  Gal Eti Gal Assistant to Stage Manager and Director
Shulamit  Oren Shulamit Oren Set Design and Posters
Ruth  Bowman Ruth Bowman Graphic Artist
Yardena  Alkan Yardena Alkan Artist
Judy  Swinger-Freed Judy Swinger-Freed Artist
Susan  Gross Susan Gross Costumes and Make-up
Sheila  Warshawsky Sheila Warshawsky Ticket Sales Coordinator
Fredi  Kaddar Fredi Kaddar Secretary

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The costumes for the 1987 production of “Princess Ida” were designed and sewn by Susan Gross, the wife of founding member Arnie Gross.

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